The Associate Director, which reports directly to Partners' President and CEO, is responsible for leading and providing leadership and oversight to programs and activities that support and grow the Partners of the Americas’ international Network of Chapters, Organizations, and Individuals, including defining and promoting membership categories and benefits; strengthening Chapter members; leading key Network initiatives; and ensuring financial sustainability of the unit.

The Vice President, who reports directly to Partners' President and CEO, is responsible for leading and providing overall oversight to programs and initiatives that promote education and cross-cultural understanding and collaboration, including exchange and fellowship programs, higher education partnership building, and leadership and capacity building programs. The Vice President contributes to strategic planning, organizational budgeting, and development of organization-wide policies as a member of Partners’ senior leadership.

The Jamaica Country Project Director will be responsible for the coordination and administration of all in-country Farmer-to-Farmer program activities. The objective of the Farmer-to-Farmer Program is to improve economic opportunities in rural areas by increasing food production and distribution and promoting better farm and marketing operations. Projects may focus on select agricultural commodity chains, and US volunteers provide specific technical assistance to small and medium producers, agro-processors and others working at all levels of these chains.

**Position to be filled by a local in Jamaica eligible by law to work in Jamaica.

The Program Officer for Economic Development and Health will support the USAID-funded Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program in reporting, logistical planning, and program monitoring and evaluation (M&E). This position reports to the Assistant Director of Economic Development and Health.

The Recruiter for the Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) program within the Economic Development and Health unit will support the USAID-funded F2F program in recruiting volunteers based on project assignments in field offices. This position reports to the Assistant Director of Economic Development and Health.

Desarrollar un Plan Nacional de Capacitación para la Inspección Laboral del MTSS y su respectivo diseño curricular basado en competencias, con el fin de mejorar la gestión de servicios de inspección laboral con énfasis en violaciones en salarios mínimos, horas de trabajo y salud ocupacional, en el sector agroexportador bajo el proyecto Implementando una Cultura de Cumplimiento Laboral en el Sector Agroexportador de Costa Rica. Esto dentro del marco de trabajo decente que ejecuta actualmente la DNI del MTSS. 

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The Business Development Associate position is based in Washington, DC and will provide support to the Strategic Alliances and Communications Unit in implementing the outreach strategy, leading new business opportunities, and responding to solicitations and requests for proposals from the U.S. government (USG), corporate foundations, and other funding sources. The Business Development Associate will report to the Sr. Director, Strategic Alliances and Communications, and work closely with junior level, mid-level, and senior staff to pursue funding opportunities at all stages of the new business development process including opportunity identification, intelligence gathering and donor cultivation, and proposal/concept paper development.