Partners has been working in Brazil since 1965, when our first Brazil chapter was founded. Since then, our Brazil chapters have been integral in helping pass important disability rights legislation in the country. In addition, we’ve implemented world-renowned sport-for-development programs including Vencedoras, a sports-based employment and entrepreneurship training for adolescent girls. For over a decade, Partners worked to combat trafficking of children and youth in Brazil, and in 2013, hosted the Girls Empowerment Seminar in Rio de Janeiro to promote the rights of girls and young women to participate in all spaces of public life. Since 100,000 Strong in the Americas launched in 2014, nearly a dozen Brazilian institutions have been primary and partner recipients of innovation grants. In 2014, Partners celebrated 50 years of service in the Americas in Florianopolis, Brazil, in a joint event with the Association of Binational Centers (ABLA) under the theme of “Going Further and Faster.”

Our Current Work in Brazil