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Why Youth Engagement Matters

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Why Youth?

Partners believes that youth are certainly the future but also the present. Their talents and abilities must be nurtured and reinforced as they become mature and influential adult leaders who will build new opportunities for new generations. Partners' international youth exchange programs aim to provide youth with the necessary resources and opportunities to make a difference locally and internationally through their ideas and actions. For the past 48 years, Partners has engaged nearly 5,000 youth from over 20 Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries in various youth leadership, service, and cultural programming.

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Our current exchange programs include:


YouthLead - SENA is an intensive 3-week leadership, service, and cultural experience focused on rural and environmental entrepreneurship for low-income rural youth, ages 18-30, from Colombia. The program is made possible with sponsorship from Colombia's renowned public institute, SENA, (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje). 

The Partners Youth Engagement team can custom tailor a rich YouthLead curriculum for all groups. 



Since 2003, Partners has recruited and trained over 800 youth from 17 countries across the Americas through the Youth Ambassadors Program which has its origins in the Partners chapter network. The YA program, a U.S. State Department sponsored cultural exchange, brings together youth of limited means and/or with limited international experience to build understanding among countries, enhance leadership skills, and prepare them to be positive agents of change through volunteer service.

Partners currently implements the program in Venezuela and Colombia but has also implemented the program in 16 Latin American and Caribbean nations and in the U.S. 



Partners currently implements the American Youth Leadership Program, which is a U.S. State Department sponsored cultural exchange program for youth with U.S. citizenship, ages, 15-17, of limited means and/or with limited international experience. It aims to build understanding among countries, increase leadership skills, and prepare them to be positive agents of change through volunteer service. 

Partners currently offers the program to U.S. participants for travel to Paraguay. 


Youth Resources

Read about one of the many projects that youth participants complete after they return home!

Staff Profile

Abraham Cisne (Senior Program Officer)

Abraham holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Latin American Studies from Temple University. He started as a Program Officer with the Youth Engagement Team in early 2011. As a college student and professional, he has experienced working, studying, and living in the Caribbean and Central and South America. During these periods abroad, Abraham worked in the areas of civic engagement, youth leadership, education, and art for social change. In the US, his experience with youth includes years of being a teacher’s assistant, tutor, and a swimming instructor. He very much enjoys volunteering and is passionate about music, film and other forms of media especially as a means for social change and engaging youth. Abraham believes very much in cross cultural exchanges and considers that they foster creativity and help break down barriers that can impede our personal and societal growth.