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The USAID-funded Partners of the Americas Farmer-to-Farmer Program in the Caribbean Region provides technical assistance to individual farmers, farmer associations, agricultural cooperatives, education institutions, and others in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as select other countries.  Farmer-to-Farmer recruits experienced agriculturalists who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents to complete short-term assignments (15 day minimum stay; trips are generally 2-3 weeks).  In exchange for volunteers' time, Farmer-to-Farmer covers all assignment-related expenses.  Volunteers may travel individually or in teams.

The 2013-2018 Farmer-to-Farmer Program is currently accepting resumes or CVs from individuals with expertise in variety of program areas. Some current open assignments include:

To apply for volunteer openings in Haiti please send your resume to Andi Thomas.

Coffee Soil Analyst (May - June 2015: 2 weeks)
The purpose of this assignment is 1) to help coffee cooperatives and farmers understand the relationships between soil and coffee quality, and the relationship between soil and the sustainability of coffee trees on the plantations and 2) to inform best practices of coffee production, working in partnership to evaluate current practices and suggest areas for improvement. The volunteer(s) will assist farmers in testing soil characteristics such as acidity, fertility, etc. and their implications for coffee quality. Volunteer(s) should have experience in soil research/management and knowledge of the relationship between soil characteristics and coffee production.  

Coffee Harvesting Educator (May - June 2015: 2 - 3 weeks)
The volunteer(s) will work alongside an in-country team to train coffee producers on best harvesting processes and help them develop outreach/education tools to disseminate the information to other farmers throughout the country. The purpose of this assignment is to help farmers and local organizations understand why it is crucial to harvest coffee beans at a particular ripeness and how this is correlated to economic profit. This will also help coffee cooperatives in pricing the coffee they receive from producers and help producers improve harvesting practices.

Coffee Branding and Marketing Strategist (May - June 2015: 2 - 3 weeks)
The volunteer(s) will work with 2-3 coffee cooperatives to develop their strategic branding and marketing plans. The purpose of this assignment is to create new strategies to reach potential markets and buyers both within Haiti and also internationally. The volunteer should have experience in agribusiness development and/or strategic planning and will be expected to produce a draft of a formal branding and marketing plan with action steps and work plans for each cooperative before departing the country.  

To apply to volunteer openings in the Dominican Republic please send your resume to Courtney Dunham.

Bilingual climate change expert (2-3 weeks in June – August 2015)
A climate change specialist who can identify the main impacts of climate change on the agricultural and forestry sector in the DR and who can develop mitigation and adaptation strategies at the farm, community, and municipality level is needed to conduct presentations and trainings on climate change and its impact with all strategic partners of the Farmer-to-Farmer program. Upon raising awareness of the need for producers to adapt to the effects of climate change, the volunteer will then provide recommendations on climate-smart agricultural technologies or techniques that the producers can adopt in order to increase their resilience to climate change. Strong proficiency in Spanish is required.

Banana packing house specialist (June – August 2015: 2 weeks)
A volunteer with experience in conducting water quality assessments and treatment at fruit packing centers, with particular experience with banana packing, is needed to measure the physical, biological, and chemical parameters of water quality at several banana packing houses. The volunteer will train banana producers at small packing houses on improved practices and methods to improve water quality and wastewater management.

Agroforestry and protected areas management specialist (2-3 weeks in June – September 2015)
A volunteer with experience in forest management and restoration of protected areas, developing land use plans for forest protected areas, and training rural farmers and technicians is needed to assess the forestry sector in the Yaque del Norte watershed in Jarabacoa and identify appropriate technologies and practices for managing and protecting forested areas. The volunteer will also assist in the planning, development, and implementation of a forest management and protection plan in the Yaque Del Norte Watershed, and train producers and technicians in best practices of forest protected areas. A strong proficiency in Spanish is preferred but not required.

Greenhouse production expert June – November 2015: 2 weeks)
A volunteer with extensive experience and knowledge of greenhouse production and management of vegetables is needed to evaluate current greenhouse practices of growers and recommend improvements that can be made both locally and throughout the greenhouse industry. The volunteer will also assess the need for future specialists to assist greenhouse cluster members in improving the management and effective use of their greenhouses. Knowledge of Spanish helpful but not required.

Solid waste management specialist (June – November 2015: 2 weeks)
A specialist with experience in developing and conducting educational programs for students and teachers on solid waste management is needed to train faculty at ISA University to develop and implement solid waste management programs and manage plans for recycling solid waste that is produced at the university. The trained faculty will then pass this knowledge on to the students. It is very important that the volunteer has experience training beneficiaries in practical activities that can be carried out, as well as assess the amount of waste produced in the different areas in the campus.

Organizational development specialist (July – August 2015: 2 weeks)
A specialist on capacity development and organizational strengthening is needed to train approximately 80 greenhouse producers in skills to improve their organizational management and business development. Trainings will also focus on skills in problem solving, negotiation, teamwork, and other topics as identified by the volunteer and host.

Banana production specialist (2-4 weeks in July – November 2015)
A professional with experience in banana production and cultivation is needed to assist banana producers in identifying potential problems and solutions related to: 1) planting and plantation development; 2) production and productivity, 3) organic and conventional fertilization; 4) pest and disease management; and 5) climate risks in banana production. Expected deliverables are a set of recommendations per farm visited on ways to increase production and/or address problems related to banana production.

Plastic waste processing and recycling specialist (September – October 2015: 2 weeks)
A specialist in plastic processing and recycling with experience in economic alternatives for plastic is needed to assist banana producers in exploring recycling, reuse, and plastic management alternatives for the plastic used in the banana industry. The volunteer will assist the banana producers in evaluating the cost of compressing the plastic at collection centers, purchasing machinery for compression, and evaluating other alternatives for the plastic.

Irrigation technology experts for banana production, Dominican Republic (2-3 weeks in July – December 2015):
Partners is looking for 1-2 specialists in irrigation technologies to train agricultural extension agents, technicians, and banana producers in irrigation systems that will improve water efficiency. The volunteer is expected to assess the current irrigation systems and provide training and technical assistance to resolve problems of water efficiency.

Soil conservation specialist with experience in building live/dead barriers (July – November 2015: 2 weeks)
A specialist in soil conservation is needed to train hillside smallholder farmers on local plants and resources that can be used as live/dead barriers to reduce soil erosion and increase the organic matter in soils. The volunteer will provide hands-on training and recommendations on how to plant these barriers, as well as any other appropriate methods and techniques for soil conservation.



To apply to volunteer openings in Guatemala please send your resume to Courtney Dunham.

Potato seed production specialist (July – August 2015: 2 weeks)
A volunteer with experience in potato cultivation and the production of seed potatoes is needed to train producers in a course on processes to gain certification of seed potatoes. The volunteer will be expected to develop a manual on the process of seed potato production that is adapted to the conditions of Guatemala, particularly the western highlands. Knowledge of the physiology of tubers during storage and infrastructure designs to store seed potato tubers is also desired.

Marketing expert with experience with exportations (July – August 2015: 2-3 weeks)
A volunteer with experience in marketing, commercialization, and using market analyses to inform decisions (particularly for artisanal products) is needed to conduct a “train the trainer” workshop for technical and administrative support staff of SOSEP, a government entity created to promote and implement social programs that provide vulnerable populations. The workshop will be on accessing export markets, procedures and policies related to exporting, and methods to assist a micro, small, or medium-sized enterprises take steps in improving the quality of artisanal products

Marketing Expert (July 2015: 2 - 3 weeks)
An expert in the food industry with extensive knowledge in the industrialization and processing of peanuts and hibiscus is needed to train farmers on best management practices and to design a marketing strategy. Knowledge of product diversification (i.e., fried peanuts, peanut butter, hibiscus jam or tea, etc.), packaging, product presentation, setting expiration dates, and nutritional content of products is also desired.

Ornamental Plant Disease and Pest Management Expert (July 2015: 2 - 3 weeks)
An expert with a PhD in plant pathology or entomology and/or with experience in pest and disease management and with a variety of tropical and sub-tropical ornamental plants, flowers, and foliage is needed to train farmers in methods to reduce the incidence of pests and diseases on ornamental plants that are exported to the United States. The volunteer will also develop a manual on the treatment of specific pests and diseases and on conventional and non-conventional management options.

Ornamental Plant Nutrition and Fertilization Expert (July - August 2015: 2 weeks)
A professional with experience in plant nutrition and new fertilization techniques for ornamental plants, foliage, and flower production is needed to assist small and large ornamental horticulture producers in assessing areas to improve their nutrition and fertilization practices in order to increase production. The volunteer will make recommendations to update methods and to develop substrate and natural soils to increase production and that takes into consideration the different characteristics, needs, and life period of each species.

Expert in Postharvest Management and Packaging of Ornamental Plants (July - August 2015: 2 weeks)
A professional with experience in postharvest management and new packing techniques for ornamental plants, foliage, and flower production farms (ideally with experience with tropical and subtropical crops) is needed to introduce innovative methods in postharvest management and packing for small and big producers.

Coffee marketing expert (July – October 2015: 2 weeks)
An expert with experience or knowledge of the coffee industry is needed to assist a small coffee federation with designing a marketing strategy. The federation has received previous F2F assistance on labeling and branding of their coffee products, but is interested in a follow-up assignment on other strategies, techniques, and opportunities to access new local, national, and international markets.


To apply to volunteer openings in Nicaragua please send your resume to Michael Moscarelli.

Bovine Embryo Transplant Specialist (Late July – Mid August 2015: 2 - 3 weeks)
The volunteer will provide training and give talks on Bovine Embryo Transplants. They will lead workshops and provide technical assistance to veterinarians; the workshops will be both theoretical and practical. Workshops will run for a few days in early August and each training will consist of about 15-20 people. The volunteer will also share best practices during presentations at two industry conventions organized by The National Cattleman’s Commission of Nicaragua (CONAGAN): 1) the VI National Congress Livestock and 2) the First Central American Beef Congress based in Nicaragua.


To apply to volunteer openings in Ecuador please send your resume to Michael Moscarelli.

Specialist in Artisanal Cocoa Processing and Marketing (May - June 2015: 2 - 3 weeks)
An expert in processing of artisanal cocoa is needed to train 10-15 families in techniques to add value to their chocolate.  Expected deliverables are to create an illustrated manual on artisanal cocoa processing, a map of potential buyers of cocoa products, and recommendations to improve product promotion.  Proficiency in Spanish is preferred.

Don't see something that matches your skills? Other volunteer assignment areas include:

  • natural resource management
  • horticulture
  • dairy and livestock marketing
  • small animal production
  • beekeeping
  • agribusiness & enterprise development
  • organizational development
  • water management
  • climate-adapted agriculture
  • and more.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Farmer-to-Farmer Program, please send your resume and all program inquiries to Andi Thomas at Partners International in Washington, DC, or call (202) 524-5562.

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