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The USAID-funded Partners of the Americas Farmer-to-Farmer Program in the Caribbean Basin Region provides technical agricultural assistance to individual farmers, farmer associations, agricultural cooperatives, education institutions, and others in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as select other countries.  Farmer-to-Farmer recruits experienced agriculturalists who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents to complete short-term assignments (2-3 weeks).  In exchange for volunteers' time, Farmer-to-Farmer covers all assignment-related expenses.  Volunteers may travel individually or in teams.

The 2013-2018 Farmer-to-Farmer Program kicked off on October 1, 2013.  We are currently accepting resumes or CVs from individuals with expertise in variety of program areas. Some current open assignments include:


To apply for volunteer openings in Haiti please send your resume to Andi Sullivan.

Coffee Soil Analyst (November-December 2014: 2 weeks)
The purpose of this assignment is 1) to help coffee cooperatives and farmers understand the relationships between soil and coffee quality, and the relationship between soil and the sustainability of coffee trees on the plantations and 2) to inform best practices of coffee production, working in partnership to evaluate current practices and suggest areas for improvement. The volunteer(s) will assist farmers in testing soil characteristics such as acidity, fertility, etc. and their implications for coffee quality. Volunteer(s) should have experience in soil research/management and knowledge of the relationship between soil characteristics and coffee production.  

Coffee Harvesting Educator (November–December 2014: 2-3 weeks)
The volunteer(s) will work alongside an in-country team to train coffee producers on best harvesting processes and help them develop outreach/education tools to disseminate the information to other farmers throughout the country. The purpose of this assignment is to help farmers and local organizations understand why it is crucial to harvest coffee beans at a particular ripeness and how this is correlated to economic profit. This will also help coffee cooperatives in pricing the coffee they receive from producers and help producers improve harvesting practices.

Coffee Branding and Marketing Strategist (November–December 2014: 2-3 weeks)
The volunteer(s) will work with 2-3 coffee cooperatives to develop their strategic branding and marketing plans. The purpose of this assignment is to create new strategies to reach potential markets and buyers both within Haiti and also internationally. The volunteer should have experience in agribusiness development and/or strategic planning and will be expected to produce a draft of a formal branding and marketing plan with action steps and work plans for each cooperative before departing the country.  


To apply to volunteer openings in the Dominican Republic please send your resume to Courtney Dunham.

Climate Change Expert (January-February 2015: 2-4 weeks)
A volunteer experienced in conducting workshops and/or presentations on climate change, and who is proficient in Spanish, is needed to train F2F host organizations on measures to mitigate and/or adapt to the impacts of climate change at the farm, household, and community level. 

Irrigation Technology Expert for Banana and Rice Production (February-March 2015: 2-4 weeks)
A volunteer with experience in agricultural extension is needed to assess the environmental impacts of current banana and rice irrigation systems.  The volunteer will provide training and technical assistance to local extension practitioners and producers on solutions to increase water efficiency, sanitation, and water quality.  The volunteer will also help identify appropriate and practical methods and strategies for farmers to improve the efficiency of their irrigation water use.

Banana Production Specialist (January-February 2015: 2-4 weeks)
Experience in banana production and cultivation is needed to assist banana producers in identifying potential problems and solutions related to: 1) planting and plantation development; 2) production and productivity; 3) organic and conventional fertilization; 4) pest and disease management; and 5) climate risks in banana production.


To apply to volunteer openings in the Dominican Republic please send your resume to Courtney Dunham.

Ornamental Plant Disease and Pest Management Expert (November 2014: 2-3 weeks)
An expert with a PhD in plant pathology or entomology and/or with experience in pest and disease management and with a variety of tropical and sub-tropical ornamental plants, flowers, and foliage is needed to train farmers in methods to reduce the incidence of pests and diseases on ornamental plants that are exported to the United States.  The volunteer will also develop a manual on the treatment of specific pests and diseases and on conventional and non-conventional management options.

Market Research and Analysis Expert (February 2015: 2-4 weeks)
A volunteer with experience conducting market research and analysis is needed to assist a small mushroom production company in identifying niche markets and opportunities for the export of natural, organic, or medicinal products made from specialty mushrooms. Experience with evaluating market trends for domestic and international markets and in U.S. export regulations is required.  The volunteer will build the capacity of a specialty mushroom production business in analyzing market data and making informed decisions when developing new products made out of mushrooms (i.e., pills, extracts, etc.).  The volunteer will also help promote linkages between U.S. companies and/or identify opportunities to access markets or credit.

Marketing and Business Development Expert for Tomato Industry (January-February 2015: 2-3 weeks)
A volunteer with experience developing marketing plans for small rural enterprises and with knowledge of the vegetable market in the United States, particularly for tomatoes, is needed to assist tomato exporters in developing a marketing plan to increase sales and exposure of the Guatemalan tomato industry in the United States.  The volunteer will be responsible for producing a report on potential markets and areas for sales for Guatemala tomatoes in the U.S. and a marketing strategy that can help tomato exporters enter these markets.

Oyster Mushroom Production Expert (January-February 2015: 2-3 weeks)
A specialist with experience in the production of mycelium to grow and cultivate oyster mushrooms (pleurotus ostreaus) on different substrates is needed to train mushroom producers in Guatemala.  Experience in strain management, developing value-added mushroom products, post-handling practices, and management of pests and fungal diseases is also desired.


To apply to volunteer openings in Nicaragua please send your resume to Adriana Robertson.

Graphic Design Specialist I (November 2014– January 2015: 2-3 weeks)
A professional with experience in graphic design is needed to support dairy cooperatives in developing a logo, a poster advertisement, and an audiovisual message to promote the nutritional and health benefits of dairy.  Experience developing materials for food campaigns and proficiency in Spanish is preferred.

Graphic Design Specialist II (November 2014– January 2015: 2-3 weeks)
An expert with a background in graphic design is needed to support beef cooperatives in developing a logo for a national brand, a poster advertisement, and an audiovisual message to promote the nutritional and health benefits of beef.  Experience developing materials for food campaigns and proficiency in Spanish is preferred.

Video Production Expert (November 2015– January 2015: 2-3 weeks)
An expert in video production is needed to support two groups of dairy and meat cooperatives.  The volunteer will develop two short videos that highlight the nutritional and health benefits of dairy and beef consumption.  These videos will be used as part of two different education and consumption campaigns.

Don't see something that matches your skills? Other volunteer assignment areas include:

  • natural resource management
  • horticulture
  • dairy and livestock marketing
  • small animal production
  • beekeeping
  • agribusiness & enterprise development
  • organizational development
  • water management
  • climate-adapted agriculture
  • and more.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Farmer-to-Farmer Program, please send your resume and all program inquiries to Adriana Robertson at Partners International in Washington, DC, or call (202) 524-5562.

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