What We Do / Volunteer Engagement

 Volunteer Promotion

Partners of the Americas believes in the volunteer as an indespensable agent for social change in the Americas. For nearly fifty years, Partners has cultivated an international network of volunteers and socially minded organizations that today stands as one of the largest and longest standing volunteer networks in the Americas. 

Partners supports and engages volunteers through:

Partners Chapters: Over 100 Partners Chapters engage communities across the Americas, providing opportunities for volunteers to join together and get involved- both locally and internationally- to address common concerns. Each Chapter holds a special relationship with its Chapter counterpart, which together promote the cultural understanding and exchange necessary in an evermore collaborative hemisphere. 

Education and Culture Grants:  In collaboration with the US Department of State, Partners supports its volunteers through travel grants, small grants, and thematic workshops throughout the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. These grants aim to connect people and institutions; serve communities; strengthen local institutions; and enhance cross-cultural understanding and cooperation across the region. Over 20,000 volunteers have participated in exchanges to reform judicial law in Uruguay, provide renewable energy in the Ecuadorian rainforest, improve the educational performance of youth in Brazil, and much more.

Partners Foundation Grants: The Partners of the Americas Foundation, through donations and unrestricted fundraising, provides grants to our network of chapters and affiliates to support, promote and foster long-term relationships.  The Foundation grants represent an annual opportunity for chapters and partnerships to take advantage of the resources for organizational development and thematic partnership strengthening projects.

Partners Campus:  Since our inception, Partners of the Americas has been working with universities, professors, and students to build mutual understanding and joint problem solving in the Americas through exchanges, research, and foreign study. The Partners Campus initiative represents a focused effort to build and engage university groups of volunteers dedicated to driving change in the Americas through volunteerism and civic participation. The first Partners Campus started in 2011 at American University and there are now 15 Partners Campuses across the hemisphere volunteering with local and international organizations to connect, serve, and change lives. 

Partners Connect: PartnersConnect is an initiative of Partners of the Americas designed to help our Chapters, volunteers, alumni and collaborators connect with a Partners network that is bigger than we imagine. The Partners Connect initiative aims to increasingly engage our existing network while actively reaching out to broaden the Partners network by formally affiliating people and organizations strategically positioned to connect, serve, and change lives in the Americas.