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A Ganar rap from St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

Goal! Soccer for a Better Future, a 26-minute documentary film will be available to all networks opening day of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The film tells the story of how six NGOs use the spirit of athletics to engage and empower disadvantaged youth in BrazilSouth Africa and the United States. The film examines athletes’ challenges in their communities and explores the game of soccer as an effective tool in life skills training. Thematic segments include respect, tolerance, diversity, gender equality, teamwork and opportunity.   Also available in FrenchPortuguese, and Spanish.

 Part 1 of "Goal! Soccer for a Better Future": TOLERANCE

Part 2 of "Goal! Soccer for a Better Future": DIVERSITY

Part 3 of "Goal! Soccer for a Better Future": GENDER EQUALITY


Part 4 of "Goal! Soccer for a Better Future": TEAMWORK AND LEADERSHIP

Hear from our dedicated Vencedoras Director, Claudia França and program graduate, Bianca, about how she feels Vencedoras has prepared her for a future career as a nurse.


Video from A Ganar Program Coordinator's Trip to Ecuador

IADB Videos:

The program "A Ganar" produces amazing results in three countries, and will be expanded to six

What does the U.S. winning goal at the end of its match with Algeria in the World Cup have to do with youth employment in Latin America? Or what does the composure with which the English goalkeeper accepted a referee’s mistake that cost his team the victory have to do with the self-esteem of adolescents in Brazil? ...

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Fabian Koss, Youth Program Coordinator at the IDB, highlights A Ganar's ability to offer at-risk youth new opportunities:

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