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Success Stories and Case Studies

The Farmer-to-Farmer Program of Partners of the Americas has worked in a variety of projects throughout the hemisphere.  Read a large selection of success stories and other articles on the program blog (farmertofarmer.blogspot.com). Below are a small selection of Success Stories and case studies.

Selected Success Stories 

Country  Description File 
 Nicaragua Host Spotlight: El Centro de Aprendizaje Pio XII  Partners_F2F_Success_Story_Nicaragua_PioXII.pdf
 Haiti  Commodity Highlight: Coffee Production and Marketing  Partners_F2F_Success_Story_Haiti_Coffee.pdf
 Dominican Republic  Host Spotlight: Maria Trinidad Sanchez Greenhouse and ADESJO  Partners_F2F_Success_Story_DR_Greenhouses.pdf
 Guyana  Host Spotlight: Guyana Veterinary Association  Partners_F2F_Success_Stories_Guyana_Vets.pdf
 Dominican Republic  Regional Impact: Constanza  Partners_F2F_Success_Story_DR_Constanza.pdf
 Colombia  Climate Change in Colombia  Partners_F2F_Success_Stories_Colombia_Climate_Change.pdf


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