Rechartering and FAQs


PartnersConnect FAQs

Rechartering Requirements

1. Update the Chapter listing in the PartnersConnect Directory

   A. Click Here  to see if you are a "Main Contact" for your Chapter

   B. If you are a Main Conact, Login to PartnersConnect.  If you don't remember your password, type in your email username and your password will be sent to you. 

   C. Once logged in, click on "My profile"

   D. Under "Manage my Organization's Profile" Click "here to manage" to access your Chapters profile.

   E. Add a Chapter description and areas of interest to the Chapter profile.

    Questions? Email
2. Dues: Please pay 2013 dues at the time you recharter. Also, ensure that your chapter is up-to-date on any past membership dues.

Please reference this document: dues invoice

3. Access the rechartering form in English: in Spanish: or in Portuguese 

Click Here to view a listing of the documents and samples of each

PartnersConnect FAQs

Why PartnersConnect?

The purpose of the PartnersConnect initiative is to promote civic participation and opportunity through inter-American Collaboration. Partners of the Americas Inc. promotes inter-American collaboration through its volunteer chapter projects and development programs. The goal of PartnersConnect is to bring these networks together in order to expand our capacity to connect, serve, and change lives.  PartnersConnect is unique in that people and organizations can affiliate with both a local Chapter, student group, or program implementor and the Partners international office in Washington DC.  By affiliating locally, half of your contribution fee will go to support the local organization with which you affiliate, and half will go to support the broader Partners mission. 

We invite new people and organizations to take part by joining with this network of volunteers and implementors, and we look forward to connecting you with our network.

What is PartnersConnect?

PartnersConnect is an initiative of Partners of the Americas that supports a network of volunteers, students and professionals working in organizations across the Americas to promote civic participation and opportunity through inter-American collaboration. 

People can pay to join as a Partner or join as a Friend for free, and Organizations can pay to join as an Organizational Partner or join as a friend for free. 

Benefits include:  Member badges and profiles, access to the Alumni and Collaborator Community, access to volunteer and exchange opportunities, access to grants, optional joint membership with a local chapter, student group, or implementing organization, discounts,

Check out this video about PartnersConnect for a quick orientation.

When will PartnersConnect be formally launched?

PartnersConnect is under development, and we plan to have the benefits, opportunities, and capabilities fully defined and visible by early 2013. 

What are the Benefits of PartnersConnect?

People and Organizations who join PartnersConnect recieve increased opportunities to get involved with our Chapter Projects and Development Programs.  Find out more about these Programs and Projects.

PartnersConnect allows organizations to affiliate as an Organizational Partner to build visibility, connectivity, and engagement in the Americas.  See more about Benefits for Organizations.

PartnersConnect allows individuals to collaborate as a Partner to build knowledge, connectivity, and participation in the Americas.  See more about Benefits for Individuals