NFL Mexico Visits DC


 [L-R] Mr. Jesus Alvarez, Social Responsibility and Events Director and Mr. Arturo Olivé Hawley, Managing Director of NFL Mexico at Partners of the Americas’ headquarters in Washington, DC.

NFL Mexico Representatives Visit Washington, D.C.

Whirlwind visit focuses on building partnerships for corporate social responsibility programs

Washington, D.C. 20 July- NFL Mexico representatives Arturo Olivé Hawley, Managing Director and Jesus Alvarez, Social Responsibility and Events Director met with key stakeholders in Washington, DC from July 10-12 to explore, develop, and strengthen partnerships. Olivé Hawley and Alvarez attended a whirlwind series of meetings with Partners of the Americas: US Department of State: Sports United, US Agency for International development (USAID), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), and the Rafa Marquez Foundation, among other sport for development practitioners and university leaders.

Mexico boasts the largest NFL fan base outside of the United States with over 27.5 million fans. 6.4 million are considered avid fans or individuals that support a team, watch football games, buy team merchandise, or even attend football games. NFL Mexico is currently in year three of a highly ambitious five year plan to expand its avid fan base from 2 to 10 million. Not only has NFL Mexico been growing, but it has been giving back to the community through its corporate social responsibility campaign.

NFL Mexico is committed to genuine corporate social responsibility, and has recently taken part in two important sport for development initiatives: “Tochito” or flag football, and NFL Play 60. These programs recognize sport as the vehicle for much more than just good health, but also as something that can promote personal, mental, and social developmentLast year, 950,000 boys and girls 6-15 years old played “Tochito” in their Physical Education classes in both private and public schools, while 25,000 6-25 year old boys and girls participated in “Tochito” games across 26 of Mexico’s 32 states. The “Tochito” League program incorporated 3,123 teams playing in age brackets ranging from 6-7 years to 18 and over. NFL Mexico has aligned many partners to provide quality football equipment such as footballs and flag belts, a training clinic for physical education teachers to properly implement and monitor the game, and proper nutrition for the participants. Alvarez and Olivé Hawley explained that “Tochito” has many benefits. It is a non-contact, co-ed sport that promotes gender inclusion, teamwork, fair play, sportsmanship and respect. “Tochito” has received excellent feedback and results in Mexico, and it is hoped that the program will expand to all 32 Mexican states within the next two years. 

NFL Mexico’s corporate social responsibility goals align extremely well with Partners of the Americas’ A Ganar youth workforce development program. A Ganar Mexico has had tremendous success since its launch in Ciudad Juárez in April of 2011. Recently, A Ganar Mexico commemorated the successes of its first graduating class and laid the foundation for a program that will train 900 youth by August 2012. Due to the success of both “Tochito” and A Ganar in Mexico, NFL Mexico and Partners of the Americas hope to collaborate on adapting “Tochito” to the A Ganar methodology to reach more youth. NFL Mexico’s positive meetings with various organizations have laid the groundwork for sustainable, long-term partnerships.