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The core of the A Ganar program is not a focus on sports training, but rather, the application of sport lessons to personal skill development essential to employment training. To win on the sports field, one needs to understand, practice, and promote the core values of respect, teamwork, discipline, communication, focus on results, and continued self-improvement.

These six skills form the foundation of the A Ganar methodology, not just as “life skills”, but as “employability skills” that are learned on the field and in the classroom.

This sport- based training is the first step towards employment, followed by targeted vocational training and internship placement, with continuous support from mentorships.

Research and Academia:

Click here to read selected works from studies being done on Sport for Development.

A Ganar Scores More Than Goals- Our Impact

  • Over 70% of program participants graduate
  • Over 70% of graduates obtain formal employment, return to school, or start a business within one year
  • Over 4,000 youth have participated in A Ganar training
  • More than 100 business have participated in A Ganar by hosting internships, hiring youth, providing mentors or sponsoring training
  • 45 institutions have been trained to implement the A Ganar sports-based training methodology
  • Strategic Alliances have been developed with multilateral institutions, local governments, NGO's, the private sector, and athletes
  • Curriculum adapted for Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Netball, Rugby and Cricket

A Ganar Youth Success Stories

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