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The Partners of the Americas Foundation

The Partners of the Americas Foundation is an integral part of the Partners network. Through donations and unrestricted fundraising, the Partners of the Americas Foundation provides grants to our network of chapters and affiliates to support, promote and foster long-term relationships.  The Foundation grants represent an annual opportunity for chapters and partnerships to take advantage of the resources for organizational development and thematic partnership strengthening projects. Requests can range from increasing visibility through publications to website development, from volunteer recruitment to governance, just to name a few possibilities. In 2010, the Foundation became a program executing entity for private and non-governmental donors. 

Specific grants in the Foundation include: 

  • The Dennis R. Shaw Memorial Scholarship
  • The Drs. Homer and Maurine Venters Health Endowment Fund
  • The Jerry Perpich Endowment for Youth Leadership
  • The Madelyn L. Laschober Endowment for Youth, Education, and Microenterprise Development
  • The Organizational Development Grant
  • The Pixote Literacy Fund (For additional information on the Pixote Literacy Fund, click here)

Foundation grants are available to Partners' chapters only.     

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