PartnersConnect / 2012 PartnersCampus Convention


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Frequently Asked Questions

“I believe PartnersCampus will be an effective way to engage college students all over our hemisphere in Partners; and I believe it is one of the most important initiatives for the future of Partners. If Partners can facilitate the engagement of students for the betterment of the hemisphere, we will have greatly served the people of the Americas and we will ensure the future of Partners as a significant NGO in the Americas.”

-John Schorr, Former member of Partners International Board

“Here in Puebla, we have been trying for years to directly engage student leaders as volunteers in Partners. We have had little luck, until now. The PartnersCampus program has given us a real model for engaging the most active youth leaders in the Partners network and in Partners projects. Through the PartnersUPAEP Student Chapter, the young students in Puebla are now actively supporting the values and mission of Partners of the Americas. I envision strengthening Partners Puebla Chapter together with this emerging student-led initiative, with great benefits of cross-pollinating leadership, membership growth, and furthering our mission in ways we couldn’t before.”

-Rodolfo Carvajal

"What’s more, I asked if there was a volunteer group within the university to join and was told that usually there are kids (of various career tracks) interested in doing volunteer activities, but the problem is that when kids graduate there is no specific group through which to continue working.  I think that with PartnersCampus you can always count on a support group and even after graduating, the members will always have an initiative in the works, thanks to the traditional chapters. "

-PartnersCampus Student

“Además yo averigüé si existía algún grupo voluntario dentro de la universidad para integrarlo, y me comentaron que usualmente hay chicos (de distintas carreras) interesados en hacer actividades voluntarios, pero la pena es que cuando los chicos se gradúan no hay un grupo específico que continúe con su trabajo. Yo pienso, que con PartnersCampus se podría contar con un grupo de apoyo siempre, y aunque los alumnos se gradúen siempre habrá un grupo de iniciativa que vaya continuando con el trabajo, gracias a los capítulos tradicionales.”

-Estudiante de PartnersCampus