International Board of Directors

Composed of leaders from within the Partners’ network as well as the wider international development community, our Board of Directors exercises overall responsibility for the policies, programs and direction of Partners of the Americas. The board is designed to reflect the geographic diversity of our network and the broad range of community development issues that we address through solution-driven projects, with all members having a strong and demonstrated commitment to Partners’ mission and values.


Mr. Harry E. Wing, Chair (Peru)
Dr. Carol P. Fimmen, Vice-Chair (Texas Chapter)
Dr. Paula Laschober, Treasurer (Washington Chapter)
Mr. Jose Márcio Soares de Barros, Secretary (Espirito Santo, Brazil Chapter)
Dr. Erwin Rafael Bogado Soler, Director (Paraguay Chapter)
Mr. Wayne Chance, Director (Trinidad & Tobago Chapter)
Denise M. Decker, PhD, Director (Washington DC, and Virginia Chapter)
Dr. Sam F. Drew, Jr, Director (South Carolina)
Dr. Gary L. Heusel, Director (Nebraska Chapter)
Ms. Heather Martinez Lezcano, Director (Student Chapter)
Lic. Victoriano Navarro Casillas, Director (Guadalajara, Jalisco MX)
Mr. Christian E. Stalberg, Director (North Carolina Chapter)
Dr. Francis Wardle, Director (Colorado Chapter)
Dr. Ashish Abraham (Virginia)
Mr. Alan J. Berkeley, Esq, Legal Counsel
Mr. John McPhail, President and CEO
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The International Board meets quarterly with each member serving on a minimum of two committees. Traditionally, one-third of the International Board’s members are elected each year for a three-year term of office. Please login or join PartnersConnect to learn more about this process.